Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Angel bracelets

I forgot to post this project after I completed it so I'm posting it now. I am working on some projects that I will be selling that are inspirational or symbolic of hope, peace, strength, faith, love, courage, etc.
One of my ideas that I wanted was an angel. I wanted to make an angel you could wear. So I came up with these beauties. It was late in the night when I made these angels but I love how they came out.
I wanted to make something with them so I came up with a simple yet cute bracelet.
They are also charms just as you see them and can be made into a necklace.

Spring dresses

Hello all, I know its been a bit since I posted but we were dealing with lots of illnesses these last few weeks.
I was feeling better finally and made some spring dresses for my daughter that I wanted to share.
We had gone to the fabric store and she picked out both the fabrics.
It was my first time making clothes for her and it was simple with the design pretty much done for you. All I had to do was hem and sew together the open ends and make straps to sit on her shoulders. I think they came out adorable. My daughter loves them. I think I will try something a little more challenging next time.