Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Hello everyone, Happy New Year! I hope all of you had a good but safe time ringing in the new year. I didn't do too much, kept it low key. We went over to a friend's house and ate and hung out. I've been dealing with my sinuses for a few weeks now and I was feeling a bit under the weather.:(
I started this blog back in nov of 2010 and tried to blog for 2011 but wasn't able to keep up. But this year I want to make a point to post on here at least once a week with projects or even just me sharing my thoughts. So here we go.... :D
I was able to craft some today with my bestie, Martha. Yay! We try to get together every Sunday if we can and do a lil something. I worked on a bracelet that I'm making my M.I.L for her birthday which is this coming Thursday. I will post pics when I'm done though. :)
A resolution for this new year is to craft one thing a day, at least one thing a day if I can. Lol. We'll see how that turns out with me working full time, being mom to 2 little ones and a teen, spending time with the honey and household chores. But my first and foremost resolution for this new year is to be positive and have a positive state of mind at all times even when things get rough.
2011 was a tough year and was the hardest year for me concerning my mom. I lost her back in 09 and this last year by far has been the hardest. This is the first person I was close to that I've lost. So needless to say....I've been a little lost. But I'm going to work on getting back myself and redefining who I was to who I want to be.
And of course the most common resolution, to lose some weight. To be healthier and in great shape. I'm gonna make this year MY YEAR to SHINE and I'm starting out with acceptance of what is and hopeful to what can and will be.
So with that said, I'm wishing you all many blessings in happiness, love, health and success. Make it a great year!!

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